Paintings by Anne Womack

If I see it, I want to paint it. I don’t know why I paint, I just do.

My newest group of paintings puts the viewer in the garden to feel the cold of the clay pots, the smell of fresh dirt and the fragrance of flowers. If it will hold flowers, I will find a way to paint it. These paintings feature watering cans, terra cotta pots and a variety of flowers. I have no garden or potting shed—just a collection of watering cans, vases, glass pitchers and anything that will hold flowers. I’m drawn to rust, wood grain, metal and glass surfaces.

I have a passion for painting still lifes. Some are formal and some very casual. My compositions pair fruits and flowers with glass, porcelain, silver and metal objects—usually on polished wood surfaces, and with splashes of reflected colors.

My paintings have been accepted in numerous regional juried shows that include Collin County College, Irving Arts Association’s Texas and Neighbors, Unique by Nature in McKinney and the Visual Arts Guild of Frisco. I live in McKinney and have studied art in classes at various colleges and universities.

Umbrellas and Lily Ponds
Friday, - 26, 6 - 9pm
Saturday, July 27, 6 - 9pm
Sunday, July 28 1 - 3pm

I return to The Cove with a new collection of exquisite oil paintings celebrating water’s refreshing presence in the midst of summer. Koi swim idly in lily ponds, and umbrellas, whether for rain or tropical drinks, rhythmically tumble across my canvases. And what would a Womack collection be without watering cans, a favorite motif in my still life paintings?

The Cove
402 North Tennessee Street
McKinney, TX 75069